New York City

New York City, USA. May 2016.

Photos taken using iPhone 5S.

Thanks to the countless Hollywood Blockbusters based in New York, I’d developed a romantic and dreamy idea of this renowned city, and had my doubts over whether or not these expectations would be met. They were. This city is without a doubt the most exciting and magical place I have ever been. Maybe it’s popular presence in mass culture did give my perspective a glossy tint. Either way, I loved it, and am eager to return and explore more of it.

My friend and I stayed at The Wellington Hotel, right in the centre of Manhattan, which was the perfect location for our 4 day stay. We were within walking distance of New York’s best bits: Times Square, the MoMa, New York Public Library, Grand Central Station, and Rockefeller Centre. I was happy just walking around the city itself, taking in its unique atmosphere and gazing up at the skyscrapers. Going to the top of the Empire State Building is a must. The view is truly incredible and this privileged perspective allows you to see just how vibrant and awesome New York City is.

Wandering around Central Park felt like something out of a fairy-tale. Raccoons strolled alongside civilians, colourful characters graced its pathways, and whilst we were sat at the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain at twilight, a busker played his saxophone whilst people danced around the square. It might sound like I’m romanticising and over exaggerating, but this is a city you have to visit for yourself in order to understand its seductive spirit.






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