Zadar, Croatia. September 2016. Photos taken using iPhone 5S.

Featuring Zadar old town, the surrounding islands and Krka National Park.

Although small, Zadar’s old town is packed with culture and many beautiful spots. We wandered its cobbled streets for hours, able to explore its entire perimeter and admire the medieval and Romanesque architecture, stumbling upon a historical monument on every corner. However, the old town has some modern surprises and an abundance of contemporary bars and restaurants.


The Sea Organ was a highlight. The organ looks like steps descending into the sea and delivers relaxing, chime-like notes that coincide with the movement of the waves. It is also the location of The Greeting to the Sun. After watching what was one of the most breathtaking sunsets I have ever witnessed, a large circle of multi-layered glass that sits in the stone pavement delivered an impressive, solar-powered light show.  


Zadar also sits close to Krka National Park, which was on the top of our to-do list in Croatia. Although an extremely popular tourist attraction, we went on a tour that took small groups and allowed for a more intimate and friendly guide, but it’s overall popularity did not make the park any less spectacular. We followed a wooden bridge walkway, which took us over crystal clear waters filled with fish and around the park which was rich in lush vegetation. The walking tour gave us the best views of the waterfalls and a chance to see the working watermills. At the end of the tour, we were given plenty of time to swim in the calm rivers and venture up close to the waterfall.


Leaving from Zadar old town, we took a boat tour around the surrounding islands. These were unbelievably quiet and peaceful, often housing only a small church or one B&B, and we explored tranquil and undisturbed pebble beaches. Our final stop was Sali: a quaint and quirky fisherman’s village. There, we followed the multicoloured buildings and bright flowers to the other side of the harbour, where we swam in the clear water and soaked up the sun before returning to Zadar. 






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